Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just realized that I should have had a different name for this blog: DIY Automotive

Do it yourself!!

Oil changes are sooooo easy!!
I once changed my own valve cover gasket. Level 5 difficulty
Level 8 is the hardest and that is rebuilding an engine.
Eventually I will like to take a class on engine rebuilding and rebuild my own car.
Next I will build and Iron Man suit and fly to the bahamas 


  1. Hey, TESOL man/woman

    How does one change their oil? I'd like to know. That will save me an average of $30 to change oil. Plus working on a car is like working on a gun. Enjoyable to clean and feel how it works after. Oil it up. It's yo' baby.

  2. i can teach you if you give me Mayra's number lol